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15 April 2007 @ 02:30 pm
Back to Blueberry (1/1)  
Title: Back to Blueberry
Fandom: Prison Break
Character/Pairing: Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows
Word Count: 811
Rating: G
Spoilers: 2.07, "Buried" & 2.08, "Dead Fall." Kind of!
Summary: Lincoln and LJ are, for at least a moment, exactly where they want so badly to be. Together.
Author's Note: Prison Break and its characters have been manipulated here without the knowledge or consent of 20th Century FOX Television. I am not affiliated with the show, its production companies or cast members and no copyright infringement is intended.

It is just after six o'clock on Sunday morning in St. David, Arizona but the day is already dawning brutally bright. The sun spills an array of burnished gold and coral pink in irregular streams across the Eastern sky as it climbs ever higher and Lincoln drops his shades down over his eyes as he exits the dimly lit roadside convenience store. The temperature is still relatively mild but Lincoln knows that soon the day will be consumed in dry heat. He is grateful for the perfectly functioning air conditioning system of the stolen Crossfire even as he ducks inside of it.

Settling behind the steering wheel, Lincoln finds that LJ is still sound asleep; just the way that he'd left him. The boy is stretched out in the reclining passenger's side seat, his body long and lean and more at ease than Lincoln has seen in far too long. He is not wound tight with tension and no premature lines of apprehension and wisdom beyond his years mar his young features. As Lincoln gazes into the face that embodies his world, LJ is peaceful and unassuming and for a moment he sees him as a child again - a little boy who is secure enough in his daddy's keeping to shut the world out and dream.

LJ has been wide awake and vigilant since their reunion the previous day and Lincoln had been nothing but relieved to see the boy crash headfirst into a deep sleep a couple of hours before daybreak. Instead of waking him, Lincoln had continued to drive, allowing the whir of tires on asphalt and the low drone of an old classic rock station be his son's primitive lullaby.

Finally pulling the car door shut, Lincoln expects LJ to rouse but the hollow slamming does little to stir him. His chest rises and falls in a deep breath and his mouth drops open but it's not until Lincoln unfolds the plastic pastry bag in his hands that LJ's eyes begin to flutter. Like his father, LJ's consciousness is on a string attached to his stomach.

Lincoln peers first into the bag at his purchases - four rings of doughy perfection - and then cuts his gaze to his son, finding a pair of bleary blue eyes peeking back at him, mere crescents of color below a thick fringe of eyelashes. Lincoln smiles and LJ smiles back, the curving of his lips as lazy as the yawn that seeps from between them.

"What's that?" LJ indicates the bag with helpless interest, digging his palms into the seat below him as he presses himself into a sitting position.

"Breakfast." Lincoln digs one hand into the bag, securing a donut between his thumb and forefinger and withdraws it slowly, almost with deference, "Are you hungry?"

"Starving," LJ concedes, watching with suddenly bright eyes as the donut materializes from the depths of the bag. "I haven't had breakfast in ages."

Lincoln presents the sticky sweet treat to LJ, holding it directly in front of his son's face, just below his nose. LJ inhales deeply, taking in the seductive scent of the donut as his eyes devour its surface - golden brown, speckled in purple and drenched in a muted white glaze.

"Is that...?"

"Blueberry." Lincoln confirms LJ's lucid assumption and as the boy's captivated stare flickers up to meet his, Lincoln thinks he detects a sheen of unexpected emotion.

Lincoln's smile only widens and he tips the donut one way and then the next, as if modeling each gloriously calorie-packed, fruit-infused angle. "Come on," Lincoln lowers the donut to LJ's waiting hand, sliding it into his fingertips before relinquishing his grasp. "You should have breakfast every day, LJ."

LJ wastes no time in sinking his teeth into the dough, breaking the continuity of the hollowed-out circle as he sighs a muted sense of delight around this new mouthful. "Thanks, Dad." His gratitude is garbled as he chews and his face is sweetened with this simple joy.

For the hundredth time since their reunion, Lincoln is at a loss for words, silenced by the swill of love for the boy sitting next to him as it wells in his chest. Silenced by the overwhelming need to always be the reason that his son smiles at him just like that. Silenced by the saccharine perfection of this moment.

Lincoln finds himself smiling, too, as he digs back into the bag for a donut of his own. LJ is the reason that everything he's been through - everything that they will go through before they're finally safe - is worth it. The interior of the car falls into silence heralded by two ravenously hungry males and for the first time in years, Lincoln is certain that someday they'll be back to blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning with their unsettled past far behind them.
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