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20 May 2007 @ 12:41 am
Infanticipating (1/1)  
Title: Infanticipating
Fandom: Prison Break
Character/Pairing: Christina Scofield, Frank Tancredi, Michael Scofield/Sara Tancredi
Word Count: 1,088
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Summary: Waiting for a child to be born is like waiting to see how all of your hopes and dreams, your expectations and anticipations unravel into reality.
Author's Note: Prison Break and its characters have been manipulated here without the knowledge or consent of 20th Century FOX Television. I am not affiliated with the show, its production companies or cast members and no copyright infringement is intended.

The baby begins to move more often with each passing week. August creeps into the clutches of September and closer, ever closer, to the day this new life will be in her hands instead of in the effortless and involuntary protection of her uterus.

Her hands will be full again. Her hands with their delicately calloused fingers and an illustrious green thumb. Her hands that are constantly reaching for the eldest son that she loves dearly but is growing all too fast and slipping further from her grasp as he goes. Her left hand with its barren ring finger and her right hand with its constant play over the swell of her stomach as she feels for the signs of life inside.

More than that, her arms will be full. She'll have another baby - another boy - to love. Another child to dote upon and to be proud of. Another person who she can try and give the world to in hopes of giving him a reason to stay.

Like Lincoln, her second son will be another agonizingly painful and frustratingly comforting reminder of the man who had once moved through her in unending and vital currents like her life blood. Another reminder of the man who had once been as connected to her as the baby he'd helped create a mere eight months ago but has now left her to shape into a person all on her own.

But she is determined to see to it that there will never come a day that he feels the loss of his father like Lincoln feels it - like she feels it with every breath. More than that, she is determined that their son will never be a thing like Aldo.

Their son - her son - will be a Scofield.


A baby hadn't been part of the plan. Becoming a parent doesn't have a rightful place on a public figure's schedule when it's normally cluttered with dates of vocational functions, trips out of town and business meetings.

At first the large red circle around the second of May on the calendar in his office had seemed foreign even amongst the many other notations he'd made nearly nine months in advance. If only because as he had been drawing it in with a felt-tipped Sharpie he had known that it wouldn't be correct in the end.

He had cleared that date - the date that his first child is expected to be born - of all of the pre-planned events that could possibly interfere with his day or take him away from Chicago on short notice; away from his unexpectedly pregnant wife at the time that she is supposed to give birth to their baby. And still he knows that the likeliness of the birth happening on its predicted day is slim.

Baby Sara isn't due for another two months and already he has a feeling that she is finding ways to test his integrity as a parent and to prove to him that there are things in life far harder to control than the rise and fall of political polls.

His daughter will come a day early or a day late. She'll be born in the middle of the night when he's catching his much needed few hours of sleep or in the middle of the afternoon when he's campaigning to a critical and fault-finding crowd. She'll be the reason that he is beckoned to Cook County Hospital when he least expects it. She'll be altering his life and managing his time for him before she ever leaves the womb. Because that's what having a baby - being a parent - is all about.

It's about sacrificing a lifestyle. It's about giving up time and energy and making yourself accessible to the young life that you are responsible for. It's about hoping against hope that you can find a way to help a stubborn child grow into a person who is more than you ever could be.

It will be his job, he understands, to try and teach their daughter - a little girl, an adolescent, a woman - wrong from right. It will be their daughter's job to teach him that such things are easier said than done.

Their daughter - his daughter - will be a force to be reckoned with; unfortunately a chip off the ol' block.


Regardless of the fact that now, in the last two weeks of her pregnancy, she wakes up as exhausted as she goes to sleep every night, she is very much awake. She is alive. Her eyes are wide open to the fairytale that their life together became somewhere along the line - perhaps right around the time that she thought they might never get their happy ending.

She is alive in every way and he sees it. He thinks that he may see it more than she is able to and, in turn, he feeds off of her infectious zest for their life now and the storybook perfection it will be when two become three.

Where he was once, not so long ago, empty...he is now full. Full of love. Full of the promise of life and the promise of opportunity. The opportunity to reap all of the joy that he can from his existence to make up for all of the time that he wasn't able to. The opportunity to be the man that his father was only in the end; the man that her father was only in the beginning. The opportunity to be different.

And she is full - so very full - with baby. She is all glowing features, perfect skin and blossoming curves. She is all baby. Their baby who does somersaults and flip-flops night and day, as restless as he himself has always been. Their baby who hiccups so hard that her stomach trembles and kicks her bladder and buffets her ribs with a vengeance, proving to be as much of a spitfire as she has been for as long as he's known her. Their baby that she says she hopes is born with his piercing cobalt eyes and bright mind. Their baby that he hopes is born with her waving sorrel hair and good heart.

Their child - their little girl or boy - will have the chance to be the change she has always wanted to see in the world.

Their child - their greatest accomplishment - will give him another reason to have a little faith in humanity.
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