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31 July 2007 @ 07:12 pm
Branding Iron (1/1)  
Title: Branding Iron
Fandom: Prison Break
Character/Pairing: Paul Kellerman
Word Count: 200
Rating: R for language.
Spoilers: 2.12, "Disconnect"
Summary: Agent Kellerman laments the lose-lose situation that seems to be his life.
Author's Note: Prison Break and its characters have been manipulated here without the knowledge or consent of 20th Century FOX Television. I am not affiliated with the show, its production companies or cast members and no copyright infringement is intended.

It wasn't the first time that Paul Kellerman had been badly burned by a woman.

Long before she had become commander of a country, Caroline had been sole heiress to his allegiance, his approbation and his heart. He had taken the heat for her more than once and loved her anyway and that love had been the kindling needed for her to incinerate his soul.

But this isn't a burn, Paul thinks as he looks down at the triangle of blistered flesh on his chest. It's a brand. Sara's Signet. A reminder that he is nothing but karma's bitch.

It's a third degree intimation that a man simply cannot win. If he chooses to burn it at both ends of the rope to please a woman, he stands to be screwed. If he dares turn on her instead, he is bound to be royally fucked. And there is something so ironic and hilariously painful about the whole equation and its damn Catch-22 quality that he is laughing shrilly even as tears seep from the corners of his eyes.

Typical, he ululates to himself as he sends the hissing iron crashing across the bathroom floor with one swipe of his boot. So typical.
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